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Ways You Can Bless Israel

Allow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to reach down from the heavens and bless Israel through you.

Harvest of Israel is one of God’s tools to help you carry out these blessings.
Discover the ways Harvest of Israel can help you bless Israel. 

Please prayerfully explore the needs below.

Funding Priorities

100% of your donation to Harvest of Israel goes to minister to the people of Israel. Harvest of Israel pays no staff salaries, support staff, or overhead costs. Harvest of Israel is made up of a 100% volunteer staff. We are a 501c3 tax exempt ministry. All donations are tax deductible and an annual accounting statement is available to our donors. And end of the year tax statement will also be sent to our donors.

Current Projects

Here are some current ministries being provided by Harvest of Israel.  The list is not inclusive of all we are working on.

Israel Response Team

An Israel Response Team has been assembled that would enable a group of ten volunteers with skills in various critical areas to be available to travel to Israel on 24-hour notice. Over fifty volunteers have answered the call to serve as members of the Israel Response Team. Additional team members are needed. If you would like to join this team and have a valid passport and can travel internationally on short notice please contact Don Owen at

Economic/Business Development

Biblical Tours of Israel

Shipping Humanitarian Aid

Harvest of Israel is currently shipping a 40 foot container of humanitarian aid once per month. (See the Priority Supply Needs list below for items shipped.)

Prophetic & Biblical Seminars

Our Harvest of Israel teachers can provide a number of different seminars connecting the Gentile Church with its Jewish roots and showing the prophetic fulfillment of Israel’s return to the land.

Israel Pro-Life Ministry

Harvest of Israel supports the efforts of Be’ad Chaim, the Right to Life Ministry in Israel.

Priority Supply Needs

For Upcoming Shipping Containers

Requested by Ministry Partners in Israel

Netivah Ministries

Lists of equipment for youth and soldiers.


Big Kitchen Pots and Pans (feeding 300 to 400) (New Only) * Big Utensils for cooking (New Only) * Big pans or tubs for holding and serving food (New Only) * Zip lock bags (all sizes) * Plastic eating utensils (plates, forks, knives, spoons)

First Aid

Big Kitchen Pots and Pans (feeding 300 to 400) (New Only) * Big Utensils for cooking (New Only) * Big pans or tubs for holding and serving food (New Only) * Zip lock bags (all sizes) * Plastic eating utensils (plates, forks, knives, spoons)


Pillows * Blankets * Duct Tape * Pens for writing * A4 Paper for printing booklets (only A4 – letter size does not work – this is SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) * Big storage tubs – containers for equipment and stuff

Sports Equipment

Basketballs * Soccer Balls * Footballs* Frisbees

Youth & Adults Items

Incontinent briefs (adult diapers) – all sizes * Coats, jackets, raincoats (esp. women’s, but both sexes are needed; new or like new (if used, no stains/freshly cleaned) * New shoes, new boots, new slippers, new sneakers, new sandals (all without plastic or tags) * New clothing without tags or plastic wrapping, or like new clothing (no stains/freshly cleaned) * Denim jeans – new or like new

Neve Michael Children's Home

We need new toys for our safe rooms – a name we use instead of bomb shelters. We also need new toys for our new project, The Happy House, where a child can come and pick out a gift on his or her birthday or when he or she is being rewarded for doing a very special mitzvah, for good behavior, for getting points, etc. 

New backpacks and school supplies * New toys * Calculators (solar or battery only) * Hair brushes (new only) * New shoes, sneakers and sandals * New clothing * Sheets and blankets (twin size) * Musical instruments * Microphone and guitars * New dishes * New Pots and pans (family size is great because the children eat in the family home on site) * New cooking utensils * Sports equipment (volleyballs, sleeping bags, camping equipment) * Plastic tubs for storage

The Neve Michael Children’s Home has 120 full time residential children, aged 5 to 18. They have another 30 children in the two crisis centers at any given time. Another 100 come through each year who live and sleep at the home. An additional 85 children are in their day care program who leave their own home at 7 AM and return home at 7 PM. The Home also has welfare cases. An additional 40 children come during the week for therapy and treatment.

Miscellaneous Needs

Garbage bags * Plastic seal bags * Clothes drying racks * Brooms * Flashlights * Plastic gloves (non-sterile/non-surgical) * Paint * Bicycles (only new) * Wallets * Handbags * Umbrellas

Harvest of Asher - Guy Cohen

Office Supplies

A4 Paper for printing booklets (only A4 – letter size does not work – this is SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) * Markers, highlighters, permanent markers * White board colorful markers * Dividers/separators – colorful pages * Rolls of colorful paper * Personal size eraser boards * Writing tools * Computer ear phones * Stickers * Compasses * Magnifying glasses * Calculators * Hole punchers * Folders * Transparencies * Scotch tape * Adhesive tape * Staplers * Colorful polygal * Printer ink (Canon 540 black, Canon 541 color ink)

Musical Instruments

Flutes * Clarinets * Eb Saxophone * Trumpets * Horns * Trombones * Baritones * Basses * Violins * Violas * Cellos * Piano * Canon * Oud

Awake Israel

Children’s diapers (all sizes) * Baby wipes * Tennis shoes (all sizes) * Shoes and socks (adult sizes) * Bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows) * Clothes (all sizes) * New kitchen ware * Practical living goods (tape, stationary) * Household curtains (short) * New towels and wash cloths * Toilet paper * Glasses * Senior supplies * Bedding pads * Clocks
Small furniture – couches; chairs; recliners; dresser drawers; tables, etc.

Small Furniture

Couches * Chairs * Recliners * Dresser drawers * Tables, etc.

Bathroom Items

Must Be New!!!
Hair brushes * Shower curtains * Soft toilet paper * Dental floss

* New regulations require all new clothing tags and plastic to be removed.
* No electronics or generators
*We can also receive non-sterile non-pharmaceutical supplies. However, nothing that goes inside the body or cleans. So we can receive pads & diapers, but not medical soap and not wipes.
* Please note we cannot receive cosmetics or any hygiene products that come in contact with the body directly. So toothpaste, for instance, we cannot receive, but toothbrushes aren’t a problem.

Items NOT Permitted
Books * 3 ring binders * Food * Electrical appliances * Baby car seats or any baby equipment * Poor conditioned clothing * Toothpaste * Shampoo * Soap * Body lotion/other lotions * Shower gels/body wash * Medicine * Hospital supplies OTHER THAN listed above.


Thanks everyone!

We thank you for your physical, financial and prayer support of the work of Harvest of Israel. Lives are being touched and changed and we have the great honor of being a tiny part of it through God’s great blessing.

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