Israel at War!

Dr. Erez Soref, President - One for Israel

Special Video Report

Sunday, April 14, one day following the massive missile attack on Israel we received this video from our good friends at One for Israel. This video will answer many questions you may have on the attack and how it plays into Bible prophesy in the days we are living. The video is 4 minutes 33 seconds long and is an eye opener.

Please keep Israel high on your prayer list as they are being confronted on every side.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support of the Harvest of Israel ministry.

Don Owen
Director, Harvest of Israel

Boots for Israel

Through the generous donations of our partners Harvest of Israel was able to provide 9,366 pairs of high-quality combat boots to IDF reserves. Below are photos and videos of Jewish soldiers expressing their thanks for these much needed items.

"Defenders of Israel" Tactical Support Fund

This Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 6:30 a.m., genocidal Hamas terrorists invaded the State of Israel from the Gaza Strip, in an air-and-land attack, launching 5,000 rockets across southern and central Israel. Palestinian terror group Hamas’ terrorists broke down the border fence, entering Israel by ground, by tunnel and by air, slaughtering more than 1,200 Israeli civilians in their homes and in the streets — babies, children, young men and women, the elderly and the infirm, injuring 3,000 and taking captive an estimated 150 people. The fate of the abducted is still unclear. By late Tuesday, October 10, the death toll hit 1,000, according to Hebrew media reports, and Zaka, a volunteer group that handles human remains after terror attacks and other disasters, worked in southern Israeli communities to clear and collect bodies. According to the reports, the Israeli military said this number had climbed to 1,200 by Wednesday morning.

The Israel Health Ministry stated Wednesday that 3,007 people have been injured, including 28 critically and 345 seriously, with almost 500 still hospitalized. Funeral after funeral was held across Israel on Tuesday for soldiers and civilians alike as the country reels from the mass infiltration and massacre on Saturday.
“It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield, it’s a massacre. You see the babies, their mothers and their fathers, in their bedrooms, and in their protected rooms, and how the terrorists killed them — it’s not a war.” — IDF Major General Itai Veruv
Our friends and coworkers are grieving the murder or the abduction of their family members, friends and loved ones. This Hamas massacre has embroiled the entire people of Israel in war, and the grocery shelves have been emptied as the nation braces for dark days ahead.

Rockets continue to rain down on Israeli communities, both from Gaza and from Lebanon: On the evening of Oct. 10, forces in Lebanon launched 15 rockets and Syrian forces launched mortars into northern Israel. At about 12:11 p.m. EST, Oct. 11, sirens sounded across Israel’s northern border as several aircraft appear to infiltrate Israeli airspace from Lebanon. What began as a Palestinian massacre from Gaza in southern Israel threatens to deteriorate into a multi-front war. Please pray!
We pray for the preservation of life and the restoration of peace in Israel.
In the biggest effort of our lives, we are raising money to purchase and send tactical gear to the defenders of Israel — not only to Israel Defense Forces soldiers and reservists but to vulnerable communities in Israel of which many that have been slaughtered, defenseless, like sheep without a shepherd. Pray that God would arise as Israel’s shepherd.
We will raise the goal of our campaign as we purchase more equipment: These include kevlar helmets, body armor, boots, ballistic plate carriers, and more. We need you! Israel needs you!

This campaign is a joint effort of Harvest of Israel Ministry and our partner in Israel, Joseph Project.

Where you come in:
1. If you work at a company, please ask your employer if they match donations to causes.
2. Donate!
3. Fill in information for
4. Help us reach $500,000!
Where we come in:
1. Acquire transportation of shipments — DONE!
2. Acquire 30-100 pallets for transport — DONE!
3. Learn the exact needs of Israel’s defenders — DONE!
4. Receive and steward your donations! All amounts will be tracked; and we will provide you with a 501(c)3 documentation.
5. Purchase top quality tactical gear, including body armor, knee pads, boots, helmets and other needed supplies.
6. Wrap for shipment. And we’re a go!

Everything donated will go to the purchase and sending of equipment to the defenders of Israel!

Recap of the Defenders of Israel campaign:

This campaign, from October 7 through year's end, raised $77,941.85

With these finances, the following items were purchased and distributed to defenders of Israel — IDF search-and-rescue and medical teams — to enable them to do their life-saving work in the field:

• 500 personal first-aid kits
• 65 CAT tourniquets
• 90 Search and Rescue vests
• 21 SAR leader ephods
• 1 gear trailer

• 1 Doctors bag
• 30 digital thermometers
• 7 pulse oximeters
• 1 handheld medical suction device
• 8 TPAK chest decompression needles

• 100 tactical uniforms
• 70 gel kneepads
• 30 protective-plate carriers (vests)
• 30 vest-pouch sets

Our efforts for the defenders of Israel are ongoing, in different forms; if you are interested in more information about Harvest of Israel’s ongoing humanitarian aid to Israel, please write to For more information about the efforts of the Defenders of Israel campaign, please contact

Note from an IDF reservist: “My deepest thanks to Harvest of Israel Ministry, in Tennessee, for leading our fundraising efforts, and providing transportation for our purchases to Israel. The $49,000 gathered in the first week of the campaign multiplied into $77,000. I am so thankful to all of you who have taken part in effecting this amazing demonstration of support for Israel; I pray we will continue to see fruit in fortifying and strengthening Israel in the coming days.”

May it be said to her:
“Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations.”

May it be said to you:
“You shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in.”  (Isaiah 58:12)

Video Update from Sandy Shoshani

November 6th 2023

Sandy Shoshani is the National Director of Be’ad Chaim – Pro-Life Israel and one of our ministry partners in Israel. In this video she shares updates on the challenges the people of Israel are facing and ways you can pray for them.

The nation of Israel is once again under attack and in need of assistance.

In response, the Harvest of Israel board has identified our partners in Israel who work most closely with those individuals with the greatest needs. After communicating with five of these partners regarding the recent horrific occurrences in Israel, the Harvest of Israel board has decided to send $35,000 in financial aid (see below), which will allow them to purchase essential supplies immediately. These supplies are needed for both families affected and also for items that will benefit the soldiers who are now being called up for service.

Harvest of Asher (Guy Cohen) $5,000
Be’ad Chaim (Sandy Shoshani) $5,000
Rivers of Living Water (Irene Friedman) $5,000
For IDF $15,000
Joseph Project $5,000

***All donations are received through Harvest of Israel.***

One of our partners in Israel, Harvest of Asher, has advised us that medical personnel are critically needed in Israel. If you are in this field and can serve please click on the link below and complete the form:

Harvest of Israel is also communicating with partners here in the U.S. about arranging air freight shipments of the most critical items needed. We also will begin collecting supplies that can be sent as soon as they are collected and arrangements can be made for shipping via ocean freight. Please see the list below of items that have been brought to our attention so far. The list may grow as many people are having to relocate due to their homes being bombed or burned.

Israel Needs List

Home of Jesus the King Church Request

Wet Wipes
Hand Soap
Body Soap
Toilet Paper
Children’s Toys (teddy bears and doll)
Children’s Coloring books and crayons

Harvest of Asher Request

Head Lamps
Folding Tables
Sleeping Bags
Shade Nets
Water Coolers
Warm Clothing
Needs Doctors & Nurses
Bulletproof Body Armor (total needed 480 vest for 32 communities)

Be-Ad Chaim

Baby Clothing

Soldiers First Aid and Personal Needs

Thermal Clothing (shirts, socks, pants ect.)
Sleeping Mats (not mattresses)
Blankets (particularly thin, warm fleece)
Head lamps (flashlights)
Permanent Markers
Black Duct Tape

Thank you for your love and support of Israel. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a one-time need. Instead, this will be an ongoing effort to insure the needs of the people are met who have been so profoundly affected by this invasion.

A Wartime Message from Joseph Project

This video is from one of our main partners in Israel and highlights the bravery and resilience of the Jewish people during times of crisis such as these.

A Testimony of Faith and Courage

These beautiful young people are Adar and Itay Berdychivsky from Kfar Aza. They hid their 10-month-old twins in a mamada (bomb shelter), and themselves, to distract the terrorists from the children, waited for them in the house. Both served in the army, both officers, at home there were weapons and the spouse did not give up. Adar and Itai were killed. On the doorstep of their house were the bodies of 7 terrorists. The babies were alone in the room for 13 hours. They're safe now, surrounded by love and care. They were found by Itai's brother and father Adar, who too fought with terrorists, saved dozens of people, but could not get to their loved ones in time. A bright memory.

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