3 Key Pillars of Harvest of Israel

There are three key pillars upon which we build Harvest of Israel...

Jewish Roots Education

There is a great need for educating and discipling the largely Gentile Church in the great covenants of the Bible and the importance of Israel and her return to the land. Harvest of Israel conducts seminars and conferences on the importance of Israel and why the Church should support her and the Messianic believers of the Land. Our educational efforts also include a rich supply of resources on these topics and topics related to the Jewish roots of Christianity for self or group study on our website.

Encouraging, providing resources for, and engaging the Church in intercessory prayer for Israel is a key component in this pillar of education.

Humanitarian Support to Israel

Harvest of Israel encourages intercessory prayer for Israel and provides tangible support through financial contributions and the shipment of needed supplies to Israel – especially to the Messianic and Arab Christian communities of Israel. These efforts involve partnerships with churches, Messianic Jewish congregations and Christian ministries in the United States and Israel that are of like-mind and heart. (As God guides, partnerships may form with like-minded followers of Messiah in other nations who long to bless Israel.)

Paul spoke of the Gentile Churches of his day supporting the Jewish believers…

“For if the Gentiles have been partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them in material things.” Romans 15:27

Harvest of Israel Tours

Harvest of Israel offers two types of tours to the land of the Bible under the name of Harvest of Israel Tours. Proceeds from these tours help fund the ministry of Harvest of Israel.

Harvest of Israel – Explore & Encourage Tours include approximately a week of sightseeing and around a week of spending time blessing one of our ministry partners.

Harvest of Israel – Sight-Seeing Tours focus on sight-seeing and bringing God’s word to life in the Bible Land. They are offered for various lengths of time.

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