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Explore & Encourage and Sightseeing Tours

harvest of israel tours

Harvest of Israel offers two types of tours to the land of the Bible under the name of Harvest of Israel Tours:
Explore & Encourage Tours include approximately a week of sightseeing and around a week of spending time blessing one of our ministry partners.
Sight-Seeing Tours focus on sight-seeing and bringing God’s word to life in the Bible Land. They are offered for various lengths of time.
Proceeds from these tours help fund the ministry of Harvest of Israel.

Harvest of israel tours

Israel is real! Israel is beautiful!
You can fall in love with her people and her land from a distance, by the touch of God's hand on your heart. But you can also pray that God will let you embrace Israel with your own arms, walking with her in all her hurts, delighting in all her beauty, and letting her know she need never fear being alone again. You can show her that you are a watchman on her walls, and that you will never, ever be silent in your intercession and support for her until the Lord establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth (Isaiah 62:1,6-7).

Harvest of Israel Tours is your opportunity to both explore the Land of Israel and encourage Israeli believers.

tour offers

Harvest of Israel – Explore & Encourage Tours of around two weeks will include several days of sightseeing, with the remainder of time being spent blessing one or more of our ministry partners in practical ways, including worship and service. Accommodations for the sightseeing portion are in nice hotels. The encouragement portion accommodations will be simple, such as kibbutz (Jewish commune) housing, a conference center's cabins, or some other arrangement near the ministry partner. The approximate cost is $3000 per person.

Harvest of Israel - Sight-Seeing Tours focus on sight-seeing and bringing the Bible to life in the Bible Land. They are offered for various lengths of time. Details for each Sight-Seeing Tour are presented at the time of promotion.

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