welcome to harvest of israel!

Dr. Dean Haun
President/Founder of Harvest of Israel

In a world that is increasingly anti-Semitic, it is our desire to express our Christian love and support for Israel.

Through the shipping of humanitarian aid and correct biblical teaching in the church, we hope to be a blessing to Israel and its people.

As you look through this website we ask you prayerfully consider joining us as we seek to offer a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name to the people of Israel.

Sample Teachings

Here is a small example of Dr. Haun’s teachings on Israel:

Dr. Haun is available to come to your church or gathering and teach on a number of different subjects related to Israel, its land, its people, and how it all relates to biblical prophecy.

You can contact Dr. Haun by phone at 423-586-0522 or email his Assistant Ginny at gmyers@fbcmorristown.com.

Our Ministry Partners in Israel

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